Arena is the authentic waterwear brand for athletes and real sport lovers. Wherever there are water sports, there is Arena.

Arena wishes to be considered by top athletes, as well as by every water sports lover, as the reference brand for best performing equipment and apparel.

We believe that our brand’s real strength is the ability to leverage its experience in the competition swimwearand to invest in research and innovation for the development of the best-in-class water products.


The Arena Brand was created by sports visionary Horst Dassler, son of the Adidas founder and President of Adidas France. During the 1972 Munich Summer Games, Dassler was on the pool deck when Mark Spitz won his historic 7 gold medals. Dassler, along with the rest of the world, found himself in awe because not only was Spitz the first athlete to win 7 golds in one Olympiad, but at the same time he set 7 new world records. Knowing Spitz had just given fans a glimpse of swimming at its finest; Dassler immediately started forming plans for a swimwear company dedicated to aquatic sports. After the Games many companies sought Spitz’s endorsement, but in the end he decided to team with Dassler to create the new performance swimwear brand known today as Arena.

At Arena we understand that all athletes are driven to win, whether it be to stand on the podium or to achieve their personal best, the end goal is always a win. We understand because we have the same urge. Starting from the time Arena founder Horst Dassler shook hands with Olympic legend Mark Spitz, Arena has been focused on winning. We’ve had one goal: to strengthen and promote aquatic sports. Through a continuous pursuit to team with athletes for inspiration we’ve consistently provided products that match and exceed their expectations. To us this is a win. And with over 30 years of practice, we’ve established a cadence between our athletes and our products. To us this is our way to stand with you on the podium.

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